Advent Calendar 2016! Day 16

Yup. n8itude is doing an Advent Calendar (2016). The big miracle would be that I actually post at least 1 thing a day for 25 straight days. Day 16 of the Advent Calendar is Merry and Soca-tastic. CLUE CLUE CLUE!!!! TGIF!!!!!

The Friday before Christmas eve eve!!!

Awww yeah. 9 more days until Egg Nog city!!

Actually if you are Caribbean … West INDIAN actually, it’s 9 more days until PEPPA POT!!!!!! Aka Pepper Pot!

The best Christmas food ever and straight out the West Indies. With that Sunny Christmas vibe going on a friday, let’s rum my FAVORITE Christmas song ever. Yes even more liked than Run DMC’s Holiday opus.

Straight outta Barbados – The Merry Men with SANTA GOT A SUNBURN.

I know every lyric and I don’t even need the choon running!

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