Advent Calendar 2016! Day 20

Yup. n8itude is doing an Advent Calendar (2016). The big miracle would be that I actually post at least 1 thing a day for 25 straight days. Day 20 is … holy crap it’s day 20!!! Let’s party!!!

There’s only 5 days left!!!

Day 20 or Day -5 is all about the Summer. Summer 16 Pop.

n8iTunes :: Summer 16 Pop! EDJ Test mix from n8itude on Vimeo.

test mix!!! summer 16 Pop. just trying out some concepts and playing with knobs and buttons with the EDJ software
Testing my EDJ App and doing some mix experiments and blend concepts at the same time.
Most of these tracks will be on a larger series of Summer 16 mixes. I was just getting the hang of the EDJ Software and I kind of liked this little mix.
Some good results and some horrible ideas!! U live and u learn. They will be corrected in the final mix.
I then took my test mix and threw some carnival pics up with random memes and a couple other mini personal vids thrown in. The slideshow is not for real viewing! But if u do u get some easter eggs thrown in.
slideshow is irrelevant.

Bump that shit ….

Are u still here? Press Play…

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