All New All Different Comics YOU-niverses Want List

So the Summer of 2015 is underway and the big multiverse makeovers of the Big 2 comic worlds are either wrapping up or underway. DC has wrapped up Convergence and the new DC YOU era has begun. Marvel’s much ballyhooed All New All Different (All Diverse) era will commence in August as Secret Wars is in mid run form. There are several new titles as well as “continuing” franchise titles from both companies that are gaining attention and anticipation. Even though a ton of runs are over, there will still be a plethora of books that will continue to burn a hole in your wallet.

In the past few years I’ve had to drop a lot of titles from my pull-list and now even more than ever I have to refine my focus. I have a basic 3 + specialty list; Hulk-Verse, Spider-Verse & Super-Verse in addition to any major event based series in Marvel & DC.

I focus on all Hulk titles and most Spider-man related books. Bruce Banner hasn’t really had too many diverse titles lately. It’s usually 1 or 2 Gamma related titles and usually only 1 focuses on the current 616 Universe continuity. Jen Walters is cool, but I have no interest in She-Hulk. The only other Hulk family member I’ll ever collect is Skaar, Son of Hulk, but I guess Doc Green took care of that. Well, if they ever did a Joe Fixit / Gray Hulk book I’d be all over it.

Spider-man titles are basically where 90% of my comic budget goes to. Spider-verse has consumed me. I couldn’t even get all related titles in Spidey land, but I am trying. From 616 Peter Parker, 1610 Miles Morales, Silk, Spider-Gwen and Miguel 2099 I had to drop Spider-Woman after the Spider-Verse storyline (no it wasn’t because of the horrible new costume or new direction).

My DC allegiance is to the man from Krypton and sometimes the guys with green rings. For Superman I usually hunt for classic arcs but I am always on the look out for significant Kal-El related stories. Recently I grabbed issue 38 where Supes gained his 1st new power in decades which lead to the arc where he lost all his powers and became civilian Clark Kent. The DC-You era is maintaining current numbering so I will be grabbing new Superman monthlies following the new arc that began in the pivotal issue 41. The Truth time of DC You begins in Action Comics and Supes original book will also find it’s home on my regular schedule.


During Convergence I just grabbed Superman and none of the other Super related tie-ins. Secret Wars of course had a number of Hulk & Spidey influence on Battleworld. The Gamma Gladiator is featured in Planet Hulk, Future Imperfect and Ultimate End while web slinging is abound in Spider-Verse, Secret Wars 2099, Spider Island and Renew Your Vows. Apparently both Hulk & Spidey are featured in Battleworld so I may have to grab that too. That’s just the damn Secret Wars titles which are just preludes to the 45 “new” titles coming up in the new Marvel landscape.

There is only 1 Hulk related title in the Marvel Universe and it’s not even Bruce Banner (which you can easily assume means there will be one eventually). This new Hulk is “Totally Awesome” and his identity revelation is a mere formality as most people assume it is Amadeus Cho.


In which Amadeus Cho is not revealed as the new Hulk, but people are going to be pretty disappointed if it’s not him, given that both Pak (who co-created the character with Takeshi Miyazawa) and Frank Cho (who used him in his Savage Wolverine run) have a proven fondness for the character, plus the fact that Amadeus Cho is in fact totally awesome. Please let it be Amadeus Cho, is what I’m saying here.

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One Hulk book I can keep under control, but there are NINE Spider-people books coming. Oh damn, some are definitely getting cut.


The cut list includes—Venom: Space Knight, Spider-Woman and possibly Carnage, Silk and even Spider-Gwen. The latter three are dependent on how intriguing their stories are to me. I have been collecting Silk & Spider-Gwen since their original #1s early this Spring, but there are 2 new Spidey books that are on my must-have list and 6 ongoing Spider-Verse titles after a year of Spider events is too much.

From the onset of both of the new Spider-Chick titles I was a fan, but mostly because of 616 Peter Parker. Contrary to everyone I preferred Silk over Gwen. Gwen’s costume is really cool, it gets the nod over Silk’s current costume, but the original pure webbing and all legs Silk costume of the 1st few issues was way better. Plus, a horny Asian chick who isn’t afraid to show herself off will always win over a depresso like Gwen. Storyline wise I’m slightly intrigued by Gwen’s universe, but basically as much as Spider-Woman’s life. Not so much, unless it’s in Spider-Verse or with other Spider-People. Luckily she’s in Web Warriors so I’ll still have my fix of that cool character, but without her sad hero story lines. Silk came from 616 Universe, so she is in Peter’s world and character’s I know are making cameo’s in that book, but really Silk hasn’t had an interesting stand alone story yet. I will continue to collect each of their first run titles until their “last days”. When their new ones arrive in September, I will grab those #1s, but unless those initial stories knock me out, they will go into my Spider long box and stay there.


I will continue to enjoy the adventures of 616 veterans Peter Parker and Miguel O’Hara in the new adventures of The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099.


Spider-Man now a globe-spanning entrepreneur and inventor — think Tony Stark, but with less alcohol and more angst — he’s also bringing the classic Spider-Mobile back, along with a few other surprises.

The new series is written by fan favorite Dan Slott, drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli, and has a new costume designed by Alex Ross. But before we get into what’s up with Spider-Man this fall, a quick rundown on how we got here.

Through a variety of body-switching circumstances too complicated to explain, mild-mannered Peter Parker ended up the owner of Parker Industries, a tech company. Post-“Secret Wars,” Parker is finally figuratively owning his new position in life, having taken Parker Industries and made it one of the leading companies in the world.



I’ve been obsessed with the 2099 series since I was formally introduced to it with Miguel in the Superior Spider-Man line a few years ago. I then went back into ‘archive’ sections of various LCS’s frantically searching for any 2099 title. Then O’Hara got his own book and that hooked me. Now after reading the 1st 2 books of Secret Wars 2099 I can not wait for the re-up of the Spider World of 2099.

The 2 new books revolve around other Spider “totems” including the much anticipated Miles Morales non ‘Ultimate’ Spider-Man.


While previous Miles Morales titles bore the names Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man and Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, this book will unsurprisingly forego the now defunct ‘Ultimate’ branding. More surprisingly, it won’t pick up a new adjective in its place. The new Miles Morales title is simply called Spider-Man.

That title makes a statement. It says that Miles Morales is not a substitute, or a second-stringer. He’s not “the black Spider-Man.” He’s Spider-Man. In Bendis’s own words, ““Our message has to be it’s not Spider-Man with an asterisk, it’s the real Spider-Man for kids of color, for adults of color and everybody else.”

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Web Warriors follows the rest of the Spidey Family introduced in Spider-Verse that I have come to know and care about. Spider-Man India is becoming my favorite and it’s always nice to have Spider-Ham mini stories, it reminds me of when I was a kid and first started grabbing Spidey books.


Spider-Verse is the event that doesn’t end. It rolled on into Secret Wars, and it’ll roll straight on out of it again, but with a title that syncs up with the subtitle and concept of the current season of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (though next season the subtitle is ‘The Sinister 6’). This is the “second Spider-Gwen title” that had been rumored; a team book pairing Gwen with alt.Spideys including Spider-Ham, Noir, the Spider-Man of India, Spider-Girl, and Spider-UK. It’s sort of good to know that Gwen is this popular.

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Bringing it back to DC, it’s “super” interesting right now that Clark Kent is revealed to be Superman at literally the most inconvenient time in Supes history—when he has lost almost all his super powers. The TRUTH is, the new costume and new direction is what is grabbing my attention.


…the premise of whole “Truth” arc that starts to unfold in Superman #41. It’s an arc that has already unfolded on other books, such as Action Comics, Batman/Superman, and Superman/Wonder Woman. These books establish that Superman’s identity has been revealed to the public, Lois Lane is primarily responsible for doing so, and he’s lost a sizable portion of his powers. Even by Superman standards, this is the ultimate trifecta of a bad day. Even a collective attack by Darkseid, Brainiac, and Lex Luthor can’t challenge him like this. Unlike his enemies, Superman can’t punch this problem into submission or inspire it do good. He has to deal with it and he must do so in a weakened state.

It continues DC’s ongoing theme of stripping Superman down to his core values, removing the powers that make him almost god-like, and putting him in situation where bench pressing a small planet won’t help the matter. Time and again, these situations offer compelling reminders that Superman is not just defined by his powers, he’s defined by doing the right thing, even when he has the power to do otherwise. For once, Superman will have to pay a price for doing what he does.

What does that do to him as a character? The answers in Superman #41 are incomplete, but they do lay the foundation for this dramatic upheaval in Superman’s life.

Pop Matters

The only title on my pull-list that is not based on my big 3 hero list revolves around a team. I was awestruck at Multiversity and was compelled to grab the entire set of books (some variants as well). For some reason DC’s alternate universes just seem much more appealing and since their new vision includes a book dedicated to aftermath and rebuilding of Earth 2. Oh and it has a Black Superman. Not President Superman, but still awesome.


The survivors of Earth-2’s war with Apokolips find themselves on a new world, but can Green Lantern, Power Girl, a new Batman and the other heroes of Earth-2 create a new world that’s better than the last, or will their interference and good intentions doom this world, just like the old one?

DC Comics

Truthfully if they ever made THIS group out of Multiversity into a series I’d brown bag a few more lunches for it.


So to recap my “tentative” pull-list not including events series, will consist of Hulk, Spidey’s & Superman (and alternate friends).

  • Superman
  • Action Comics
  • Earth 2: Society
  • Totally Awesome Hulk
  • Spider-man
  • Amazing Spider-man
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Web Warriors

So that’s 8 (of course) ongoing titles not to mention my ongoing search for all “Blue/Red” Superman, Marvel 2099, Gray Hulk and Alternate costume Spidey issues.

The names and direction may be different for the big 2 lines, but the impact on my wallet is the same!

Can someone pay me to read comics please?