Ben Affleck is Batman … and… Costume Sneak Peek Leak!

In the 2015 Sequel to Man of Steel, Superman will share the screen/universe with Batman, played by none other than former superhero wannabe Daredevil, Ben Affleck.

You probably already know that by now since everyone, everywhere has posted news about it. Even their reactions. But noooooobody has the exclusive new costume design…. except us at n8itude!

Check out the exclusive sneak peak leak at the costume Ben Affleck will don as the Caped Crusader in the superhero team-up everyone’s been waiting for.


Magnificent isn’t it? I like the bright colorful new way they are going, with the classic black on yellow instead of the tired new old skin-tastic rib cage showing rubber suits (Affleck is no workout beast like Bale). Not to mention the blood red crimson undertone of the suit! Then of course the ode to Bruce Wayne’s not yet known crippling addiction to multiple mask wearing not to mentio—oh shit this a fake!!!! Batman never stands up!!! He only crouches!!! Gawdamnit!!! But hey it’s a near spot-on re-creation though.

I guess we will just have to settle for the shockingly high interest in not only Batman/DareDevil crossovers but several amalgam creations that may actually be pretty cool and some well…


The fffff….?


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