Donning a new suit

Cleaning up n8itude. Rather revamping. Yes makeover 8 or 75, I know. Hey that’s life adapt or die. The changes in the site already started as you can see with the start of the new look.

Yes I changed the skin in the WP blog and will continually customize it. That’s just the first change. The major change will be posts like these will be minor. Posts like these, in this case are out of nowhere quick jibber jabber posts. But it will also include more of my jibber but less of my jabber. I will be blogging my thoughts and feelings on the various topics I care about, but with less slang and reliance on gifs and YouTube videos. I mean I will include some but I will have more actual writing.

I basically want n8itude to be my version of The Players Tribune, except I’m the only author. Hmm maybe the old style crazy posts can be from “SwagLucha”. Now that I think of it, maybe once in awhile a guest post. Maybe. Like it’ll happen anyway. Shit is hard when you have a 9 month old!

I will be thinking about the categories and an archival system for the pre 2017 posts. I just want this site to be a jump off for my n8itude brand of various online outlets as well as the genesis of my recorded brilliance. I will write a book one day. This is the first real nod in that direction.

Hopefully I don’t bumble it up like Stephanie’s lackey.

Hopefully the n8itude revamp cleans up more like…