Fear The North: MyShellter Went to a Raptors game!


Roughly a month ago Mrs. n8itude aka MyShellter attended a Raptors game, but not just any regular season game, it was Feb .6, 2015; Raptor’s 20th Anniversary Game honoring Jerome ‘JYD’ Williams.

Naturally I gave her a mission, if I couldn’t be there myself, then she has to take plenty pics and report back everything via WhatsApp. She did it no questions asked. I’m lucky I know. Now we have a story. See how that goes.

Because she is my wife and a budding social media maven she starts off a chat just between her and I, with a descriptive tweet like message.

Waiting for the 20th anniversary game night. #breakthelosingstreakgame to start #uknowtheygonnawinwitmehere

The best thing for me was that my obsession with collectibles has transferred over to my wife, so she can spot a future sought after treasure in a minute. Her first message when she actually got to her box seat was the following.

Only 5000 handed out. Not everyone in our box got one lol


Tonight is also the latest Raptors 20th Anniversary Night Presented by Air Canada and this one’s going to the dogs. Jerome “JYD” Williams will be in the house, JYD bobbleheads go to the first 5,000 ticket holders attending tonight’s game plus fans also get a special halftime peformance from Phife Dawg of legendary hip hop act A Tribe Called Quest.

Raptors Game Day – Feb 6, 2015


7:07pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Kardinal we notorious and fireworks!!
7:23pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Not off to s good start. 4-19
7:25pm, Feb 6 – n8: Clippers angry from yesterday
7:38pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: 19-34 end of first quarter
7:39pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Jerome williams being honored
7:47pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: 21 had a nice layup
7:47pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Lol
7:51pm, Feb 6 – n8: Tek a selfie as soon as u see this msg



8:06pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Whos the guy with the do-rag? Oh its Lawrie! Lol he’s good!! Lol
8:10pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Phife dog at the game TCQ
8:13pm, Feb 6 – n8: Lowry
8:14pm, Feb 6 – n8: Record phife
8:14pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: What do i know?! Lol its cool.


8:16pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: 57-59 for LA
8:29pm, Feb 6 – n8: Holy cow this is one of espn game of the week games! big game
8:36pm, Feb 6 – n8: Raptors getting bad talked by espn announcers


8:36pm, Feb 6 – n8: U get a shirt?
8:36pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Now
8:37pm, Feb 6 – n8: Ok. If u see a vince carter purple shirt take a pic….tek pic of entire shirts
8:37pm, Feb 6 – n8: Please









8:55pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: I picked one up for u
8:55pm, Feb 6 – n8: Which?
8:55pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Will be a surprise
9:05pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: 92-79 us



9:34pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Coming home now
9:34pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: Left before end of game
10:20pm, Feb 6 – n8: Ok. Drive safe. U driving anyone hime?
10:22pm, Feb 6 – myShellter: No
10:43pm, Feb 6 – n8: Ok be safe. Hope u have gfree pizza

I didn’t get a left-over Gluten-Free pizza, I got something way better. A 1/5000 Exclusive JYD Bobblehead that I have seen going on eBay & Kijiji for $35-$60 already!



I’m a lucky man and my wife is awesome.