Get Injected With n8itude – 11 Year Anniversary!


Mar. 21 2003 was when was officially launched and born. But Technically that’s not true. according to my old blogspot (which was my first ever blogging tool); Mar. 15 was when the site actually got the domain, Mar. 21 is I assume when the site actually hit the tracking servers or it’s as far back as web archives first registered the domain.

[upd8] helloooo my friends … guess wha? finally .. finally … is open on it’s own!!! yeah yeah my niggggga!!! Go now, no pop-ups. Sign up muddasuckaz. Ok back to ur regularly posted rant … [/upd8]

– Saturday, march 15, 2003. 9:19pm.

BTW, I just realized in the original post that I updated, I had mentioned a sexy gal and her scandalous Trini Carnival pics she showed me. 7 years and 2 weeks later from that post I proposed to said sexy gal.

So I’m thinking lemme go call on Turbine who is by the airport. Call she celly, and wha she say? She is by her cuzns in where? where? of all places … down the f*#kin street by my home. Damnit!!! So I guess I HAVE to go all the way home and come all the way back. The whole time I’m driving all these blasted rasses are trying to ram me into the damn side roads. RASS DEM ALL TOOOO.

Only good ting is dat, she come by house when I get home and me get to see all she scandalous pics of her at Trini Carnival. Yikes … mmm mmm mmm. If she is watching this … just remember “2 giant pink life preservers”. Heh. No y’all can’t see the pictures. I’m not allowed to show .. she says “they are not web worthy”. Aiight u can. That was the only good thing.

AMAZING!! Also I am so lucky!

Now in that update it mentioned that n8itude now had it’s own domain. That’s because n8itude was actually launched and piggybacked off my own personal/professional domain for some time.

On March 15 and then on when you visited the piggybacked url you were greeted with this:


If you click the links in the footer (PDF back Issues Volume 1 and 2) you can relive some of the most popular posts from the “attitude era”; Version 2: Electric Boogaloo. That was when I actually moved into a blogging platform and started blogging solo again. It also contains a brief history of my blogging legacy and how the site came to be. It also has cute fan girl signs …some of them might be of you!

Yes blogging solo again. The Blogger account was my first take on blogging, but the latest trend at the time seemed to be a community of authors making posts and updates in sort of a “Nuke” module. being the psycho tech obsessed trend-hunter that I am, naturally I decided I’m going to make this too. So I set out to make a community site with a core of writer’s I had assembled within my little blogging world.

Get Injected

What? Yes, finally I am ready to launch it. What am I launching? That big brand new site I was promising.

So, Inject Some n8itude … now damnit.

Yes, it has bugs and stuff, and alladat, but its still pretty cool. GO NOW!

Mike I want ya to do some movie reviews there. Hood, you can put your Flash shizznit there too. Cool? Aiight then.

– Thursday, January 9, 2003. 2:14 AM

No, 2 in the morning does not seem odd. I still do that. MikeInc my trusty Briton who had a penchant for being adept at movie history as he was sleazy towards any woman ..ever and my flash expert and political/military historian from Montreal HoodlumInc (yeah they were both Inc’s) were my 2 original soldiers in keyboards. Eventually Long Islander PJay and a trio of Rebecca’s (Bec, Becca & Bex) became my core 6. Ironically the latter 4 are the only ones I still converse with today and will probably be the only ones of the 6 to even see this post.

Yes, technically Jan. 9 is the actual anniversary of the idea and launch of n8itude version 1. It is where you first saw this landing page (which was supposed to be a parody/mockery of then’s new landing page).


I know it says 2007, but that’s just when I screen shotted that…

Version 1 of n8itude was using PHP Nuke because it had the traditional Nuke modules as well as a built-in forum, and that was how the site took off. They came for the posts, but stayed for the community involvement. The site got enough attention that it eventually annoyed some people and 2 times I was hit with a DoS attack…oddly the only screenshots I have from that era were the screenshots Bec sent me during those attacks to show me what she was seeing.



The n8itude Golden Era really was in version 2 when I started blogging in longer form and concentrated on my own stuff. By then everyone had their own blogs and essentially kept their good material for themselves.

I knew the forums was a good idea so I created a separate place for that entitled: the 4ummmms. That was a bonafide smash hit, and either brought more people to the blog or kept them discussing it. Either way n8itude 2 really holds a special spot for me. The design itself was based off the style of every pop culture site at the time. Big loud and 80s obnoxious.



By then I was having idea after idea and launching micro-site after micro-site. The 1st off-shoot was a site dedicated to one of the three essentials of n8itude: Wrestling. It shared the same blogging CMS (NucleusCMS) and essentially the same design, just 100% wrestling focused. That was done for branding and continuation. My marketing skills were never wasted!

Corkscrew Plancha was one of my all-time favorite mini projects. It even spawned it’s own community detached from n8itude!


Eventually Corkscrew itself had it’s own child; The Slapjack, which was a satirical look at gossip sites, but including actual wrestling gossip. The twist was that instead of being a smark and gossiping about backstage info, I was like Vic Venom himself, I played a character and gossiped like everything happening on WWE, WCW or ECW TV was real. I played along with the current stories, and acted like how the characters would act if there really were blogs and sites like that in their fictional world.


After awhile, I still had the blogging bug, but this time for more substance. Even though I was essentially writing for 3 blogs of my own, I figured it’s time to blog about real stuff in my profession. I decided to blog about tech and web development. Brain Candy was born…



Like most of my designs, what you ended up seeing was not the 1st attempt and BC was no exception.


For one week I even launched a microblog based on another n8itude essential; Hip Hop. Oh Snap! had a brief but important run in the n8itude legacy.


Eventually, I scrapped BC & Corskscrew and all my other distractions (I even had a n8TV site, which was my own version of YouTube) and concentrated on n8itude again. This time with immense focus. Thus n8itude 3 was launched:


n8itude 3 was my sleekest and cleanest blog to date then. The only drawback was that it was still running on NucleusCMS, whose developers had long since abandoned support and did not keep up to date with the advancement of the other blogging platforms.

The greatest accomplishment to emerge from version 3 was that it was where I created my now well used lucha libre styled logo.

Although n8itude was fun again, I needed to EVOLVE, and I created another community site; Evolution.


Even when I had no idea where to start next, I killed them both.

… but my desire for content creation never dies, and n8itude always resurfaces.

n8itude 4 was chosen to launch on WordPress, but alas despite many different attempts at a design, it lay dormant for 3 years. Neither of the following layouts ever moved past my testing stage.

These are what n8itude 4 could have looked like if I ever got inspired to finishing them.




Even though there was a mix podcast dedicated to it’s launch it never took off.

n8itude 5 didn’t launch either, as the next idea I had in 2009/2010 was to dual blog with my homey Big Boyoh.


In 2012 I started to get that old content creation itch back.

In 2013 I just wanted something up on the root page and a rudimentary version of what you see there today was put up. I even had a (lackadaisical) update schedule put in place until Dec, 2013.

By then I was into full blown n8itude creation zombie build mode and KABOOM!


A dope looking responsive site with exclusive content not only just for devices but also for orientations!

Whaaaaat?? Yup I’m that good. Landscape and Portrait versions below.



Big up to Jace for the graff logo used on the mobile versions.

At the same time I decided I wanted to actually blog, and around February this blog was officially launched.

Bloggedy blogeddy blah…. that’s the big ass…but still edited history of n8itude. But you came here for a party!! GIF PARTY!!!!

Ok the page took about a year to load, and you made it down here sooooooo…. this is a gif tribute to the many….many fans n8itude and moi have had through the years…yes some of you are going to see yourselves. Self-high-five yourself.


Oh and Bec, I didn’t forget about you…

UPD8: Bec comes through again with a bday fan sign!



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  1. Happy 11 years! I remember many of those layouts and your crazy wrestling obsession that I will never understand. But it’s good to see you back blogging. I remember something about garbage pale kids…you still got that around? Btw a celebration isn’t complete without a chicken dance 😀

    1. Haha the CamBlog Brats! I actually posted them in the facebook group a month ago. Check it out. … Not only am I back I got my wife to start blogging too!

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