Iverson: The Documentary

NBA playoff time is the perfect time to debut a docu-film about one of our generation’s (X-Y) most colorful and talented (without practice) superstars. Today may be the day everyone in the Hip Hop world is fawning over the legendary Nas’ 20th anniversary debut which coincides with his own documentary opening New York’s Tribeca film festival, but another one of Hip Hop’s greatest’s lifetime chronicling is set to debut at the very same place.

Allen Iverson may be basketball, but he is definitely Hip Hop. He may very well be the first Hip Hop baller to enter the NBA.

Iverson is the ultimate legacy of NBA legend Allen Iverson, who rose from a childhood of crushing poverty in Hampton, Virginia, to become an 11-time NBA All-Star and universally recognized icon of his sport. Off the court, his audacious rejection of conservative NBA convention and unapologetic embrace of hip hop culture sent shockwaves throughout the league and influenced an entire generation. Told largely in Iverson’s own words, the film charts the career highs and lows of one of the most distinctive and accomplished figures the sport of basketball has ever seen.

– Cara Cusumano @ Tribeca Film Guide

He is much more than both basketball and Hip Hop. He is more than a controversial figure of our time, his life has a real story to tell and although it’s been attempted a few times before, this seems to be the one that actually gets it right.


The Doc actually debuts next week (April 27) and it’s already sold out!