Jimmy Fallon – Super Rapper debuts: Wastepaper Basketball featuring LeBron James


Jimmy Fallon really likes Hip Hop and rap. Of course he does, he’s a 90’s guy. The current host of The Tonight Show, whose house band has always been The Legendary Roots Crew, has practically covered every popular rap song with his genius collabs with Justin Timberlake in their The History of Rap series. Yes, the latest is below.


This time he dipped waaaay deep into the 80’s with his version of Kurtis Blow’s classic Basketball. He even enlisted King James, fresh off debuting his Batman/Bane/Hannibal Lechter mask. It was everything awesome that you’d expect from a Fallon rap song bit. The 80s VCR blurriness puts it over the edge.

That wasn’t his only stop in the rap decades tour, as earlier in the week Jim and Carrie Underwood, collectively know as Jim Carrie, performed Country Rap (cRap) delving into 90s Hip Hop covered with a country twang.

Yes, even more historical rap tributes occurred in the 1st week with the aforementioned JT duet of The History of Rap 5.

Jimmy not only is an aficionado of lyrical spitting, his feet also have some historical perspective as he huffed and puffed his way through wops, pops and locks alongside fellow dumb dancer and legendary rap & Hollywood icon Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince.

That was on the debut show. This was all within the first 2 weeks!

Jimmy has already destroyed Jay Leno’s entire run in 14 days. I can’t wait to see what he has in store.

Hip Hop is alive, and it has it’s own Late Show…sorry Arsenio, the white boy is better.