LA Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig & Softballer Amber Alvarez’s handshake is mesmerizing

The Dodgers #1 party hard player Yasiel Puig has a handshake with dang near anyone he shares the same air with. It’s not a surprise to see him flailing his hands all about with an equally choreographed partner. Amber Alvarez, a Cali native is a big time Dodgers fan and shares the same rhythmic hand contortion skills.

@amberalvy is also a softballer at Doane College in Nebraska and might as well admit it, pretty damn cute.

That’s not the reason for this post, no, ok it might play a small part in why I like can’t take my eyes off the looped Vine clip. I just can’t stop, the handshake has been described as “pretty sweet” but I get hypnotized and mesmerized watching it over and over and over…

Source: The Big Lead.