Lakers fans burning a Dwight Howard jersey is a thing #unnecessary

Is it a meme.

I dunno. But it happens every time a star player goes to another team after not fulfilling their … what … “promise” or I guess “expectations” … they burn away their jerseys Nana gave them on their bar mitzvah.

Rich white California kids … you are killing us. Just .. Just … stop it.

I said … forget it. go wild.

The funny part is Dwight is the only one in reality who can afford to burn all his jerseys AND get them back!

But burning is a rite of passage I suppose. Superman’s Metropolis has seen this burning crisis before.

The ironic thing is burning the jersey is the ideal thing Dwight or the NBA wants. Now you have a need to get a replacement jersey. The minute you satisfied your last purchase, they could give a damn,. You might as well burn your favourite jersey the second you buy it.