Meet the man that caused Rob Ford to NUT CRACK on a fire hydrant

By now everyone knows that our bumbling, “man of the people”, drunken stuporing Mayor’s nutsack had an impromptu meeting with a fire hydrant while celebrating Team Canada‘s gold medal win on Sunday.

What you don’t know is that it was actually my homey that he was chatting with that distracted him enough to cause this latest media blitz, that undoubtedly, magically raised his popularity again. Yes, my dude caused the groin bashing and I literally had the play by play of it all via Facebook.

For the purposes of this post I’m renaming my friend Devaj. Mostly because my crazy friend and the Mayor are potential BBM chaps and I’m not blowing his spot up. Although he is looking for his “15 Seconds of Fame”.

So I gotta live off my 15 seconds of fame.

I’m trying to get on jimmy Fallon.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, this is what happened:

Yes that brown rass with the red toque is Devaj. None of what happened is surprising to me in the least bit, especially the fact that he was involved.

This whole thing began as I groggily lay on my couch at 7am on Sunday to watch the game unfold, and do the typical social media check up during big events. I saw on CBC that they had a live feed at the Real Sports Bar and lo and behold guess who got up early on Sunday to drink beer and watch hockey.

Good Morning Canada! Breakfast Beverage of choice Beer or Tim Hortons? I’m conflicted but it’s GoLD all the Way! Let’s Go Canada! — at Real Sports.


So naturally I told him to get on TV. Little did I know, instead of merely a second of National TV exposure, he was about to embark on 48 hours worth of accidental fame. Honestly I could care less about Ford, my homey’s enthusiasm and joy makes this whole thing funnier than it ever could have been. At least to me and everyone else on his FB friend list.

When the game was over, amidst my hooting and hollering I went back on FB to check the plethora of Canada Wins status updates, then Devaj dropped the gold medal winning photo update replete with a caption that captured the moment and my attention immediately.


Lmao it was too funny! Yes a drunken stupor, while walking with him he CRACKED himself in the nuts walked into the fire hydrant!

Finally after a full day of laughing, I mustered up enough reserve to ask him what happened and what he was talking to Ford about that caused him to miss a bright yellow hydrant directly in front of him.



Met up with him inside real sports, we’re talking he’s trying to Bounce but there’s a swarm of people we get outside, tried to get his BBM and boom! Canns himself.

As for conversation: Consisted of the games, if he was drunk, just random shit lol.

I was surprised he was soo cool man.

He got Bieber swarmed by people.

After I warned him not to get swept up in the hype and that Ford was still a fool;

Hence the hidiot lol #hidiotting he ran into the hydrant lmao just check my face and his black body guard Virgil

We was like ooooo

I already knew this conversation was going to be more golden than the win, by now.

I was already grateful just to hear his recollection of the morning’s events and then he continued…

That shit hurt I watched his belly jump up and hit his chin

That line right there should have been the grand opening/grand closing of this “interview,” until he found some meme’s online that had his face planted on it and it became the greatest moment of his life… or at least of this year.



Thank you Rob Ford! You got me on TV!! LMAO! TEAM CANADA WIN! GOLD MEDAL WIN! I think got the best pics of the all EPIC! Between this and Hulk Hogan on Raw tonight this is the best Monday of 2014 yet!

Then …

I think may create some memes




Every single part of this conversation can be summarized in one giftastic moment:


As for an answer to my query if Ford responded to the drunk question.

Lol the streets is watching lol

Pics gathered from various sources including the National Post and Devaj himself.