Merry PopMas! My wife knows me too much!

Yes I know I’m writing a Christmas post days after my New Years post. Whatev, it’s my blog and and I can blog what I want to …insert cheeseball music emoji. I wasn’t really going to post about Christmas but a weird and interesting situation prompted me to. It revolves around part of the Christmas gifts my wife gave me this year.

Now everyday my wife shows me that we are one united team and we constantly have little instances that make us laugh simply because we are quickly and surely becoming one brain. This is one of those stories.

This year undoubtedly was the year of Pop! Vinyl and I finally gave in to it. My aforementioned New Years post featured that trend. On my bday my wife’s brother gave me Wizard of Oz Pops at my request and that pattern continued at Christmas with me pointing them towards Hot Topic.


My local Microplay has Pops. For some reason a week before the 25th I decided …. err…actually something was calling me, directing me to the store. Actually that’s kinda creepy but really that’s what I felt. I HAD to go there before I went home, even after a long day of work. When I got there I saw 2 Pops that I was drawn to. Superman and Spider-man are 2 collections that I am working on. When I saw the White-lantern Superman I knew what I wanted. The Spider-man looked different to me. I don’t know why, but for some reason I thought I didn’t have it already and needed it. So of course I thought my wife needed a little help in picking out my Christmas gift. Thank you WhatsApp for allowing me to needle my wife at any moment.

Yes I sent her pics and descriptions of the Pops to let her know EXACTLY what I wanted. I mean, who thinks their wife would actually go to MicroPlay to get toys on her own?


As I sent these messages to her, she laughed and made a u-turn BACK to the store. Yes…BACK. 20 minutes before I got there, she left the store. The wall pic is what confirmed to her that she knew I was literally at the store she just left. She went there on her own. I had intended to direct her to the store with the pics. However, she is my awesome wife so naturally she went there without me prompting her.

The clerk laughed when she came back and informed her that I was just there. She said she knew because I just sent pics.
He knew because I had literally said “I am taking pics to send to my wife so she knows what I want.”
I told him she’d be back hopefully by Christmas Eve, little did I know she’d be there much sooner.

The clerk had already put aside the Pops I photographed, the same Pops my wife was looking at for me. The clerk had just put them back on the shelf right before I came in and asked him to take those 2 down for me to look at.

They were destined to live in my display case.

Merry PopMas! Here’s to more POSITIVE psychic Pop connections with my wife!