Monday Mashup – Good News, Bad News, Original Views

The world is crazy busy, especially everything in the n8itude realm of importance; Music, Sports and Entertainment. You might miss something over the weekend, so here’s the late Monday catch-up you can pretend to know all about and retweet, reblog, relfooze, reflahuglag and rerereealll…. 0_o huh? Just get on with it.

Let’s just get the obvious top story out of the way. NBA owner (for now) Donald Sterling is a typically racist old douchebag.

Of course Donald Trump continues to be a an blithering idiot and dirtbag troll.

Matt Kemp is subtle.

Ironically, Shaq is a “retarded” a-hole.

Speaking of idiotic trolls…


What in the flying f..ish is this?

“God bless her, and I want all the people in Toronto to vote for Olivia Chow to become the mayor of Toronto,”

– Iron Sheik

Wait .. what? How … in the… have a documentary to promote. I get it.

Regular people are more than idiotic, a-holes or trolls … they are downright CRUEL. However, they can be fantastically nice.

Canadians are even nicer.

R.I.P. DJ EZ-Rock.


For all the vinyl-heads and photographers out there, commit the name of Elion Paz to your dome.

Paz fell into a world of documenting acerbic and eccentric collectors and DJs that spend their free time going through hurricane-wrecked disaster zones in search of records that could wake the dead or move grown men to tears. Soon, he realized the photos he’d been snapping of people and their collections felt appealingly voyeuristic, peering into the peculiar private lives and passions of these collectors. He took this inspiration, packed a suitcase, and ventured around the world to document the lives of music lovers—hopefully illustrating how music moves throughout humanity.

Vice is on point right this minute.

Watch the trailer for F**k, That’s Delicious, MUNCHIES’ new show from rapper Action Bronson. Starting this May, the monthly series will capture Action’s culinary adventures on his ongoing world tour. Get psyched for episode one, where Action reflects on his time during Eminem’s Rapture Tour—through New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa—at his favorite NYC haunts, like Roberta’s in Brooklyn and Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forrest Hills, Queens. Future episodes will include trips through the southeastern United States, England, and Eastern Europe.

Miss Info

This is happening. July 9. Got it.

Cedric is a fool.

That’s why he’s so funny!

Mrs. n8itude aka MyShellter

Oh and in case you didn’t hear… #WETHENORTH


And finally…

Congratulations 9th and future Mrs. 9th Ninja.