n8itude Awards: V1 & Hulk Hogan Interlude


Ok I know the n8itude awards are taking longer than expected. I also expect that no one is expecting anything because no one reads this site, not even me. Yeah right, I read this everytime I want to feel good about myself. This interlude breaks your regularly scheduled 2015 n8itude Awards – Baseball Edition (of which is going to be content rich and gifty packed even more than part one). You should know by now that the awards are definitely going to spill into August.

It coincides with this giant break in content time on the site due to outside life commitments, V1 posting maaaaaad videos in our FB chat group and the Hulk Hogan N- Word WWE Scandal…which is content gold Jerry, content GOLD!

I figured what better time than to post all these awesome videos Dhani links for us as well as ‘the best of’ the chats we are having regarding our fallen hero.

These guys are so lucky to have had a chance to have a picture with him.

JAv & Hulk


*The Hulkster getting screwed over because of out of context clips from interview he did with whoooo kid on shade 45

– n8 [*editor note: I now know it’s from a different source]

But Hulk my nigga tho Lmao.

– Jav

I just hope it means all my hulk hogan stuff goes up in value

– n8

That’s fucked boi I hope I don’t ever leak any of my sex tapes

– Jav

U would just use it to ketch a next one.
I’ll find rob ford in the back crack slinging and talking patois

– n8

Hogan said in 2007. He was at home in private. He is getting screwed by the media and public hypocrisy. There is not one family who doesn’t say negative things in their privacy.


But Boyoh won with one solid meme gif …


But V1 was close with his memes…




So that’s what we think and here’s some of the best stuff V1 & the rest of the crew posted.

Rodman had me until he posted this…

Since the media and Internet took my before camp party outta context , I had to switch up my party strategy . So tonight I’ll be inviting everyone to my back to business party . Featuring DJ @DonaldTrump on the 1’s and 2’s . Special invited guests @RexRyan , @chipKelly ,@Rogergodell , my man Barack .oprah, Carli Llyod , and even that terrible waiter with the awful service from the burger joint is invited. Don’t bring your Id because there won’t be any alcohol anyway. Open smoothie bar all night tho . Don’t worry bout the confidentiality agreement. No only are ladies invited but everyone is invited , except hulk hogan he can’t come . Maybe even @meekmill and @drake will hit the stage together . Turn up time party time !!!!

LeSean McCoy – Inviting everyone to his party … except Hulk Hogan – SB Nation

Remember me? I am Mike Jones AKA Wrestling Superstar Virgil. I am verified on twitter now @therealvirgil which means I am the real deal. I have been around the world 30 times and my life has always been about the hustle. I started out in the old WWF as the bodyguard of the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase and said to myself now it is now MY TIME to be the Millionaire. If you have watched wrestling than you know who I am. I will inspire you that million dollar dreams can come true. Show your love for your favorite wrestler ever by giving me $1, $10, $100, shit $1000 and make me a MILLIONAIRE. You could make this happen and I will forever be grateful. Everyday I hustle and now I am trying to show the world that this dog can be taught new tricks!

Go Fund Virgil for being a douchebag

A photo posted by @thereal_virgil on

Finally … Ronda Ronda Ronda …. nice interlude.

Best way to sum it all up…

Guess hogan gunna be mad cheap at autograph signings now lol. Virgil status

– Nick


“That’s not the Hogan I know. Hogan always treated me like a gentleman. He genuinely cared about me. He was my friend. He’d tell me, ‘Brother, I’m getting my money. I hope you’re getting yours, because you’re putting asses in the seats.’ When it came to our matches, he valued my input. He’d always say, ‘What do you want to do out there, brother?’ I’d tell him, and then we’d go out there and do it. He’s a sweetheart of a guy.”

“I’m not mad at him at all. Deep down, he’s really not like that. He’s a super-nice guy. I don’t believe he’s a racist at all, no matter what he said.”

“The first thing I’d do is shake his hand and hug him, just like we always do. That wouldn’t change. Then I might say, ‘Hey man, what happened?’ But it’d be with a smiling face.”

Kamala The Ugandan Giant

BONUS VIDEO: Oh Snap … Hogan is out of WWE2K16 but guess who’s IN??? The damn Terminator!!!