n8itude.com has a new header – the makeover continues…

Yup and I am quite pleased so far with the remake of my baby. The Undertaker of the n8itude Universe – DOT COM is the source of everything n8 related. The n8itude Universe lives on n8itude.com.

Just finished the header, which is the traditionally 1900 x 600 px size – according to WordPress standards. Which means it will looks different on tons of different browsers.

So here is the full screen version as if you are viewing on a big ass monitor. This one you can click on to zoom as opposed to the title graphic above.

Dope huh.

The text trick is to line up the text kind of close to each other.

The intended look is this …

Here are some of the NYCC SwagLucha pics that didn’t make the header.