n8’s Story & The Legacy of n8itude

For an in-depth reflection on the history of n8itude please check out the 11th Anniversary post.

Back in 2003, I had a successful blog among all the hundreds of other blogs that spawned innerwebs. I had begun to explore “Nuke” sites and community related sites and realized I had so much built up content in my head that it could not be contained simply in a personal blog.

The site was going well enough that I started a forum, which became huge. The forum started to become the focus of the site and my writers all either went back to their own projects or stopped writing altogether. They all stayed in the forums, because it was an awesome community.

When blog systems started to become popular I revamped the site once again into a blog powered site. However, the content remained pop culture. The basics: Hip Hop, Wrestling and Baseball are still the core to this day.

Let’s begin.

Even before there were “blogs” I was making regularly scheduled content driven personal sites.

Even before that, I had my AOL and universal Chat “handles”. I even created a persona for each of them.

Eventually I won an Online Reality Show. This was at the height of the blog/cam/e-n scene.

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