NBA All-Star Style Watch

There are 2 maybe 3 days on the Hip Hop style watch calendar; Heavyweight title fight (Golden era: Mike Tyson in the 1990’s), BET Awards and NBA All-Star Weekend.

This year the real competition wasn’t on the hardwood, it was on the red carpet. Party after party, suit after suit, shoes for days. These tall ass, lanky multi-millionaires were trying to outswagger each other left and right. Luckily it was captured on Instagram (of course) and although we will never look like them, we might be able to capture snippets of their style…except James Harden—that shirt only looked good on The Rock back in WWE Attitude Era.

The n8itude official champion of NBA style went to Kevin Durant. Dude always looks fresh in them suits, and this was the big day to show it off.

Why Harden why? Stop trying to outfresh Rusell Westbrook’s style. You both look weird.

On the court or on the carpet, Mr. GQ, King James is always battling KD for top spot.

Of course, the former Jar Jar Binks of the Raptors, Chris Bosh has repeatedly stepped his style game up since invading South Beach.

Rick Ross looks like a Hobbit next to Bosh. Insane.

The next level mega star from the Indiana Pacers, Paul George is also on some next level suit game.

As criss as KD looked over the whole weekend, there was still only one suit that really can only be pulled off by the wearer. Damian Lillard and that bold red suit.

Damian also sported a fly ass grey suit after participating in All-Star Saturday Night.

He took said suit to his #4BarFriday event, and even dropped 4 bars.

As fly as these dude’s looked, the only thing I can take away from this is to become super tall, muscly skinny and then wear custom made suits that make you appear to have money…oh yes and go be a millionaire.

Doesn’t anyone ever take pics of the agents? One of them has to be a style warrior of some sort. No?