PDF Back Issues: Volume 2


My most important or favourite posts of the n8itude 2.0. era.

PDF Scanned archives of n8itude 2 -3 era.
Circa 2004 – 2006.
Volume: 2

Innerweb All-Stars Cards

So I decided what better way to tribute our fellow Internet Era “Celebrities” than with their very own trading cards!!!

Oh yes folks. The Innerweb All-Stars trading cards .. SERIES ONE. Even if u frickin hate it .. there will be more .. oh yes. I can hear the kids wheelin and dealin in the IRC playgrounds, “I’ll trade u my Star Wars Kid for a Tron Guy and a Paris Hilton sextape!”

Sith World Order

Ok now to put all of that nameless chronology into a big old list of Dark Lords Of The Sith. No way in hell am I naming all the lesser Sith Lords or the Sith Home Slices. I know I’ve already bored you with way too much info. Kinda funny since I’m gonna assume the only people who are gonna read the whole damned thing are fanatics and they already know all this shit .. or are going to be quick to point out my flaws. For which I don’t give a shit, this is my personal lamopalooza and I write whatever I want to.

I also post Natalie Portman pics for no reason.

WTF is Heeb Hop?

Heeb Hop is exactly what it sounds like, horrible sounding psuedo music. Jewish guys taking their affinity for Hip Hop too far by actually attempting it and attempting it badly. The thing is, they KNOW they suck at it, so they say they do it under the guise of satire and parody. Ok some of them are funny, well the origins of it are based in humour. It’s just that by the time that the term Heeb Hop was born, the joke become the fact that these guys actually began to believe their schtick. They think they are tough and thuggish.


FanFest Crap 91

Shaq vs Hulk Hogan


Remember Her? Chrisine Lakin



I Used to Like Magic Cards

Stan Lee rapes Batman



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