Post LeBron James Miami Heat Era begins and The NBA Reacts

The biggest decision has finally been made and the fallout has been the talk of the NBA world. The biggest to gain, from LBJ taking his talents home, is Chris Bosh who is surprisingly the new face of the franchise. CBK – Chris Bosh is King (of Miami).

Dwayne Wade will eventually retire as a franchise Heat and go down in Miami lore as the greatest player of all-time, He is not nearly the same player he was at the beginning of this Big 3 run much less the Shaq run. He must concede the team to Bosh who had almost the same experience as he is in this situation as he did with the Raptors when Vince Carter left. The fans and the management begrudgingly accepted the fact that Bosh is the natural replacement to lead the team. Nobody wants him as their #1 choice but Miami proved they will max out his deal and over pay him to give him a shot at success again.

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At first there was some confusion to the fact that Bosh even accepted the deal to return to South Beach instead of the big payoff The Rockets were offering to essentially be the same thing in Houston as he was in Miami with Dwight Howard and James Harden okaying the other bigger 2 roles.

Then he looked at his family, and everything stopped.

“We’ve built a life in South Florida and we’re comfortable,” Bosh said Sunday. “So I had to do what’s best now for myself and my family.”

With that, his decision became very easy. Bosh will sign a $118 million, five-year deal to stay with the Heat, a formality only held up by the logistical challenge presented by him being in Ghana right now and with more exotic stops on a family vacation still to come before returning home.

When he finally puts pen to paper, the Heat locker room will essentially become his – and in an interview with The Associated Press, Bosh said that while it’s a shock to realize James is no longer with Miami after four seasons, he’s ready to have that voice.

“I can’t lie to you: I’m excited. I’m excited for the challenge,” Bosh said during a break from NBA Africa duties. “I want to step up to the challenge. I feel this is a chance to prove to myself and others that I can still do this.

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Moments after receiving James’ text, the Heat offered Bosh a maximum contract worth $118 million over five years, something that wasn’t on the table at the start of free agency. The Heat had competition. After considering “strong” offers from multiple teams, including the Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers, Bosh ultimately decided to return to the Heat later that night.

“[There were] very enticing offers,” Bosh said. “There was some surprising advances made in everything, but I ultimately decided to stay in Miami. I think it was the right choice. I benefit from it, the team will benefit from it, from here. My heart was in Miami. I wanted to be there and keep my family there and build relationships and really keep building on something special.”

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Soon, the Rockets came calling. Their pitch: Come to Houston, join Dwight Howard and James Harden and keep contending for titles.

“I’d be lying if I sat here and said Houston wasn’t enticing,” Bosh said. “You look at their roster and you can kind of see why it makes sense for them to be interested in me, with the chance they have to be successful. They’re going to be a good team regardless next year. It just seemed like I would be that final piece that they needed. It was a hard choice to turn down.”


Chris Bosh is the new #1 but what about the same #2 again but original #1 D Wade?

“As a friend and a teammate, I am sad to see my brother LeBron leave to begin a new journey,” Wade’s statement said. “In 2010, we decided to come together all for one goal — to win championships and we succeeded. We were friends when we first joined the league and created an unbreakable bond the past four years. Our collaboration will always be very special to me both personally and professionally.”

“We shared something unique and he will always be part of my family,” Wade continued. “LeBron made the right decision for himself and his family because home is where your heart is. I know this was not an easy decision to make and I support him in returning to his roots. As an organization, a community, and as individuals, we achieved the goals we set when we first signed on together. We are champions.”

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The NBA Universe has exploded with the results in Miami having Luol Deng replacing LeBron James in the Big Three role as far as position wise that is.

LeBron going home not just to Cleveland but to this version of the Cavaliers is almost as unfair as what everyone said four years ago. The Cavs are loaded with young talent just bursting to rule the league; three GTA (Greater Toronto Area) kids, the last 2 being the #1 overall draft picks, as well as a legitimate all-star and superstar in Kyrie Irving, he’s a younger better version of Wade, and the possibility of adding all-star Kevin Love buzzing. The are just looking for a captain, a leader, a …. KING. Why not have the King return home and conquer the mighty NBA Dragon. Hometown Hero saves the day. It writes itself.

Miami is going to have a tough time getting back to it’s former self especially when they are in the same conference as their former leader. Cleveland goes right to top 5 after being the top 3 of the worst franchises last year.

The main thing in Miami that is clear, or will need to be taught to D Wade, no… dude… you can’t get it back.


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