State of the n8(itude) 2017


It’s that time of year when I wonder what the fck happened in 2016 and grab my telescope and gaze out into the unknown universe of 2017. It’s the State of the n8(itude) 2017.

Long story short. I’m changing up the type of content on the blog. No one comes here for “news”, hell no one comes here period.

This is like my 4th revelation or redirection of focus since I started this domain almost a decade ago.

I’m going to make the site more “n8”.

How the fck more n8 can it get you ask?


No more news type posts.

No more “scheduled” posts.

I’m going to treat this site like the book that it was always meant to be.

Posts will definitely be less. Raising a newborn into her 1st year of life will do that to my productivity.

Expect some random “short” posts that are vids, tweets or IG shares.

The longer posts will be the norm and will basically be me telling a story like if you were on my deck and we in a session. With the added bonus of multimedia visuals. I will still do some short quickie blog type posts but the site will focus on the super posts.

This will be start of my eventual Pop Culture book. I dunno.

I have a lot to say. Let’s see if I can articulate it properly. In the past my writing on n8itude has been geared towards the 30 second attention span crowds. So I also used colorful words, slang and a lessor vocabulary. Hell less ‘words’ lately just gifs and vids.

There will be a site visual update to go alongside the focus in 2017.

I don’t expect anyone to actually read this, or any of my previous posts. They will never be taken down though. They will not be re-categorized either. Just expect new shit.

Now here’s some gifs to distract and nostalgize you.

Merry Christmas fckers.