The Family Tube – Episode 1 – The Family Photoshoot Outdoors!

The n8itude Universe has finally expanded onto YouTube “officially”. The n8iTube Channel is where n8 does his video experiments. One of those experiments has turned into a full fledge show and channel of it’s own.

The Family Tube is actually the first Family / G rated content from the n8itude Universe. It was bound to happen since n8 is a big poppa now.

Fun family consisting of Daddy, Mama and Baby (featuring cousins Lulu & Jr.) documenting their life because well they are old and will forget and like to reminisce and sometimes and daddy needs a creative outlet to let loose on.

Episode 1 – Officially Official First Episode. We celebrate Baby B’s 2nd Bday with the annual Family Photoshoot … outdoors! In the beautiful walking paths. Wait til you see what happens!

Featuring The Whole Family … almost.

Also a bunch of skits and family fun times as you can expect from our lil brown family.

All of the copyright for the music is for whoever needs it.

Shot on my Samsung Galaxy 8 and edited in FilmoraGo (Videos) and GIMP (for Photos). BOTH FREE!!!