The loneliest American in Brazil is Sad Cap’n Americano

USA USMNT lost in the World Cup. America was sad for 30 seconds. Then it started praising it’s goalie for not losing as bad as they should of. The US defense was a colander and if it wasn’t for the ridiculous play of Tim Howard they would have had 16 more goals against them … at least.

Yes Tim Howard is the next HERO being furiously Google’d for another day or so… then back to relative obscurity. At least he will live on forever in the annals of meme history.

This post is NOT about Tim Howard. No. It’s about this guy.

Sad Capn Americano

The loneliest CAPTAIN AMERICA American in Brazil.

Sad Capn Americano

There seems to be alot of Spanish on that uniform… Captain Americano?

No matter… I can’t stop looking at these pics. This is my new bad day pick me up photo set.

I guess I could turn to more Yankee sad soccer sacks for amusement.

Nah… Sad Cap’n Americano wins the internet.