The NBA vs DC Comics

This is literally where Jocks & Nerds unite. Or clash once again.

On last night’s Inside The NBA – All-Star 2014 Edition – Ernie announced there is a DC Comics free comic being given out on All-Star weekend to lucky fans in New Orleans.


It’s available yes, for free somewhere on, but I found a PDF at a comic book site of course.

Obviously DC Comics is the comic publisher of choice for Shaq, who famously has a superb affinity for anything Superman related:


Shaquille O'Neal Portrait



Shaq even dared to become part of the Hollywood Superman universe by infamously donning the armored suit as STEEL.

Charles Barkley on the other hand, is more of a Dark Horse Comics guy, as he actually has already been in a rare and infamous comic based off one of his Nike commercial campaigns.

This is like an internet gem, and many reviews have already been done. For good reason, it such an odd cult classic.



For those who don’t have the patience, or just want the convenience, here’s the All-Star Inside The NBA DC Comic, ready for your snarky or fanboy loving review: