The Official Final Four March Madness Wrap Up

So another March Madness has come and gone and another bracket has been obliterated.

It was only a few years ago, 2009 to be exact, when I literally watched every single game. I was freelancing at home and had 3 laptops plus the TV going at the same time to catch everything. I never changed channels, I just changed seating positions. Friends would dip in and out and check in. Friendly bets would be flying everywhere, brackets busted, repaired and busted again. 701 (my condo unit #) was the place to be, well it always was, but this time it was ALWAYS open. Times have changed and so have my priorities and well I have yet to actually see one game in it’s entirety since, but with the progress of technology I still can keep track of every game and at least get to the highlights quickly. It’s still a conversation holder with my buddies whether they are still in Toronto or not. Without What’s APP or Social Media the conversation would be dunzolito.

Honestly the best thing to come out of this happened way back in ROUND TWO (opening round of the tournament) when #3 Duke was upset by #14 Mercer. My Tar Heel loving self was in hyper happiness and since my Blue Devil loving homey from Long Island Patrick aka PEEEJ had been digging me all year on Facebook, this was about as sweet a conversation as could get.

March Madness and the bracket busting tournament has always been a special and cool part of the year for me and my friends. It all started when one of my best-men brought a gift back home from University. That gift, was the gift of the Chicken Bitch. The Chicken Bitch tournament was the reverse of every tournament you could imagine. You never really had a winner, technically you did, but you really just didn’t want to be THE LOSER.

Basically we blind draw teams, no selections, and the first player with every single of his teams out becomes…you guess it, the Chicken Bitch. The CB is not just a title, it’s a mantel of ineptitude and humiliation. The only job of the CB (other than taking pot shot after post shot leading up to the championship game) is to basically be the bitch in said game…while wearing a rubber chicken necklace. This is never ever fun. You must cater to everyone. You bring the beers, serve the food, order the food pay the deliverymen. Did I mention all the money that goes into the winner’s pot is also used to pay for the “party” …did I also fail to mention that it is encouraged to pay your entrance fee in coins…this is literally where everyone’s year-lost pennies are finally being used. Try explaining the $30 in change going to the pizza dude. They are never happy. In all the years, we have only had one guy laugh. Is it a coincidence that the absolute last CB tournament was when I finally became the Chicken Bitch. No it is not. I am the ultimate sore loser. It’s not changing anytime soon. Yes … I was the one who made the blog for the CB tournament in the year I became CB.

Please join me in congratulating Nathan as our 2008 Chicken Bitch!
I am sure he will tell you that it wasn’t easy going from having 3 #2 seeds to having no # anything seeds but he did it. Good Work!

As for everyone else, you have one week to start collecting all your nickels and dimes for our little (ok not so little) CB.

I would encourage all of you to congratulate Nathan on his win, and what better way to do that than to post to the blog that he made us to make fun of the chicken bitch…. hold on, is that irony, hmmm I think it is.

Good work buddy.


Rob and I have really been the sports guru’s of the group, and are essentially the only ones who actually follow NCAA basketball. I’m a Tar Heel (and sometime Syracuse Orangemen) and Notre Dame Irish fan. He is a Villanova Wild Cat follower. He moved to the states a few years ago and currently hangs his hat in LA. The irony is that he moved there from North Carolina and used to taunt me with pics live from Chapel Hill. Thanks to What’s App we could still talk sh!t during the tournament… well pretty much just for the 1st weekend. When he got to the bar I sent him on a mission, he accepted.

Which resulted in this:

I’m half glad he didn’t get the saddy sad faces when they lost. I don’t need Patrick to have any ammo from my own post!

I spent most of Final Four Saturday Night watching the WWE Hall of Fame and caught glimpses of UConn’s upset of #1 Florida (my pick) and completely missed Kentucky’s upset of #2 Wisconsin, including the dramatic three-pointer to win the game.

Although I didn’t want to miss any of the Raw after Mania episode I wasn’t making the same mistake twice in a row.

UConn beat Kentucky, and the women have a chance tonight to do what the Canadian Men & Women did in Hockey in Sochi…but against Notre Dame. C’mon Irish Girls! did it as well in an undefeated season!

Now here’s your payoff for reading this whole wrap up that wasn’t a wrap up at all.

One Shining Moment 2014.

Actually the real shining moment came when tournament MOP Shabazz Napier had his Richard Sherman moment when he called out the NCAA for banning UConn last year.

Uh ok. At least Duke lost. 😀