THIS IS OUR HOUSE! Series Tied at 1. Next Stop Brooklyn.

Big tings gwaanin in T.O. mostly the Raptors winning their first playoff game since DeRo was in HighSchool.

DeMar DeRozan scored 30 points, Jonas Valanciunas had 15 points and 14 rebounds for his second straight playoff double-double and the Toronto Raptors beat the Brooklyn Nets 100-95 on Tuesday night, evening their first-round playoff series at one game apiece.

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And we partied like we just won the whole damn thing!

Ticker Tape everything! Shaddup we are the Raptors, we have a right to cheer for anything!

Jurassic Park was in full effect again Tuesday night.

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DeRo was back on his grind and delivered tomahawk chops all over Brooklyn.

It was a close game as all games in this series are bound to be. Nervous times for us fans but the nail in the coffin was dropped by Amir Johnson late in the game with this 2 hander…

K-Low was dipsy doodling all over and making the right plays at the right times…

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You had to know the Raps were gonna come correct in Game 2. I mean It was nail biting for awhile but for real this is not Brooklyn. This is Toronto. This is ….