This Week In Hip Hop

We are still celebrating the 11 year Anniversary/Birthday of n8itude in this week’s installment of TWHH and the First Time I Ever Heard This Mix … aka the Blind Mix. With the lovely myshellter providing an intro we might as well start this week’s post with the mix rather than conclude with it!

Ok so the first song in the mix was a track by Consequence that featured the riff from WWE’s #1 heel stable right now; The Wyatt Family. Of course I marked out on it and had to include it. The cover is equally as dope.


Getting this out of the way: This post contains ZERO talks about KanyeDashian, Drake or WACKO FLAKE-O

Let’s just start out with the weird controversy of the week. Everyone is on SchoolBoy Q’s jock lately, the same way they were on his label-mate Kendrick’s a few months ago. So a couple of days ago this track came out on the innerwebs from some new cat named Jem Cretes and it had a feature by Q. Quincy Matthew Hanley (Q) is obviously the reason why it’s getting streamed/downloaded everywhere.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]

Turns out Q was never even on the track and wasn’t supposed to be on it, and dude is super pissed.

It’s safe to say any shine Jem thought he was gonna get by attaching himself to the TDE star is dunzolito.

Now in safe to attach themselves to a big star news; Miguel & Wale did a cover of Bennie & The Jets by Elton John for the upcoming Goodbye Yellow Brick Road reissue featuring covers from Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran and others that DID get praise from the big star. Correction: LEGEND.

“Miguel’s done a fantastic job,” John says. “It really makes the best of what the song is all about. And it is an unusual song. It’s not what I think is a hit record, but then that’s probably why it was a hit record, because it didn’t sound like anything else before. It’s important not to copy, and that’s what Miguel did.”

Rolling Stone

I know that wasn’t exactly hip hop, but it was dope music and Wale was in there. RESPECT THE ARCHITECTS damnit!

Speaking of architects, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skillz are touring around the world and are doing webisodes; Vinyl Destination. In the latest ep—“Double Up” (Episode 5) they hit Bulgaria, Sophia and England.

Want more veterans??? The Lox is back!

Want more Lox??? The Wu-Block is back!

Wu-Block – Wu-Block 2 (Tracklisting):

  1. “Cappa Wu-Block” (Feat. Cappadonna)
  2. “Wu-Block Biznez”
  3. “Can’t Be Lookin’ 4 Me” (Feat. The LOX)
  4. “Big Money”
  5. “Guns On ‘Em”
  6. “Ain’t Coming From Class” (Feat. Solomon Childs)
  7. “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (Feat. Cappadonna & Solomon Childs)
  8. “Put Ya Hands Up”
  9. “South Beach”
  10. “Die Tonight” (Feat. Styles P)
  11. “Aura” (Feat. Killah Priest & Masta Killa)
  12. “Drivin’ Around” (Feat. Masta Killa & GZA)
  13. “Do U Like It”
  14. “Come Get Some”
  15. “Throw It Up”

Want more WU-Tang??

Well in the mix you can hear their latest opus: Keep Watch, featuring Nathaniel and of all places Grantland did a where are they now? type of feature on the the Clan.

Twenty years after the Wu-Tang Clan invaded and radically altered hip-hop, Shaolin’s finest are struggling to reunite for one more album. Here, a 10-part portrait of how the legendary group lives apart today.


Want more … ok that literary crutch is played out.

Another Hip Hop vet that has been gone for a minute, has come back and answered the question we’ve all asked about him? “Where you been?”

Now some news(ish) about a new rapper, but still features a legendary (interviewer) figure in music history.

Nardwuar caught up with YG at SXSW and this happened.

Finally, Dipset and A-Trak’s crew (Fool’s Gold) were in some sort of charity basketball game and Dipset’s biggest Stan Miss Info was there to cover it all.

Hippety Hop you don’t stop…or something, hopefully next week will have news about actual new school people!