Tuesday Toy Time: I love it when new Pops come together! SDCC 2016 Releases


Look, I don’t have time to write on a regular basis. I really do. I miss my long researched out posts. Alas, as I said time is not in abundance ’round here. Soon… it’s going to be all but pre-scheduled indefinitely. So when I do it’s going to be pretty interesting to at least me, and whatever is featured will be definitely full of n8itude gems. Yes I m going to lift news segments from my favorite online sources via blogs or social media. This is my curation, my copy paste with a twist mix. I hope if you have heard all this stuff before and if you already saw this 4 days ago in your news feed or daily re-tweet rinse recycle reiteration facade, it’s at least a fun rehash to keep it fresh in your head. Yes I am talking about the SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) rounds of exclusive Pop Vinyls from Funko! released throughout last week and culminated sometime this weekend.

I’m just wondering why Apollo Crews facing Sheamus right AFTER the Women’s tag-match that was hyped and had a Natalyla heel turn? That should have been the match to lead into Cena vs AJ.Really why was that and Baron vs Dolph on this main card.

Still this happened.


Cool Cool. But this still why is on a ppv? This should have a feud being told on Raw or the blue brand not on a ppv. That is for blowoff matches… but I digress. Just like the side track that just occurred when the Golden State Chokers lost a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals to relinquish their NBA title to LebRon the Conquering Cavalier of Cleveland. Cleveland finally has a title. I am bitter Dan Gilbert also has one now … digress n8 digress damnit.

Ok, plans didn’t come together, oh yeah, I remember. Ok so plans didn’t come together just now but when it does, I just love it when a plan comes together. Yes, that’s the A-Team slogan. Cue the helicopter and the really cool theme music. Don’t forget a cool voice-over guy. What I’m trying to say is Funko! is finally releasing the A-Team Pop Vinyls! Oh and Daisy/Skye/Quake from Agents of SHIELD.


First up, is the release of POPs based on one of the most popular shows in the 80s. The A-Team POPs are finally here! And there’s even a POP Ride of their famous van with a B.A. Barracus POP which will be unique to the Ride! This makes the second POP that features Mr. T with the first being Clubber Lang in the Rocky Balboa line.

Pop Price Guide

So now my Mr. T collection count will be at 3! Clubber Lang and 2 B.A. Baracus’. It will most likely be the 1st Pop! Ride to be added to my collection.


I’m watching Monday Night Raw now. I gave up last night when Titus O’Neil appeared on my TV when I was expecting the main event. No disrespect to big T. I’ve already finished the PPV and just saw Ramsay Bolton gets his just desserts in the Battle of the Bastards.

NXT Tag-Team Feud of 2015 is now on Raw in 2016.

Might as well talk about the latest WWE line in the Pop! franchise. This line almost nails it perfectly. Almost.


It’s always a good deal when Bret Hart is featured and then you follow it up wigh KEVIN FREAKIN OWENS and THE EATER OF WORLDS BRAY WYATT!! Oh shhhhh.


Oh these are the 2 modern stars I wanted the most. Except for maybe a New Day 3 pack. They both look like they have the same basic body mold, but for some reason Owens is the only one with the slightly pudgy frame. Bray looks like he went on a world eating diet.

Now if you are a fan of the Hounds of Hell (then you must have loved MITB) you knew once former Champ Roman Reigns released a Pop earlier this year, then you must have known THE MAN THE ARCHITECT Seth Tyler Black Rollins was joining his SHIELD alumnus in Pop! form and it kind looks like white Roman. I might still cop them both. I don’t think they can use this mold for Dean though.


Then you get to the “almost” part of the almost perfect part of the line.


Seriously, Eva Marie??? She’s barely on NXT. If you are going to do a Total Divas cast member at least do one that’s actually wrestling on the main roster. Like maybe have Natayla join her uncle’s Pop! debut. Eva is horrible and doesn’t sell merch or tickets, stop pushing her.

Look most people woukd think that since I am a sometimes subscriber to the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty Funko box I would be all over the SW Expo Europe’s exclusive Pops based off the original trilogy but nah. I’m way the hell more excited about the Strawberry Shortcake line because they are scented! I am also very happy I’m having a baby girl so I can get all these girly kid stuff and just say it’s for her. It’s not. bahaha. ok it all is.

#StrawberryShortcake SCENTED Pop!s coming this September!!!

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Funko is already up to wave 5 and by the time I finish writing this maybe wave 8 of it’s San Diego ComicCon (SDCC) exclusives list. Like most Funko lines these are the Pops I don’t care about it. I can’t afford it. I will never have access to it so who cares. Case in point this years Conan line. I will never see these in person. These are like fantasy grails. You want them but you know it’s a fat chance.

Go to our blog to find out how you can get these @teamcoco Pop!s at #SDCC2016!

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Stop it. No more teasing.

Awe damnit.


The Superman False God variant is so ridiculously dope. This is gonna cost me. Please let this be at Hot Topic. This is from Wave 2, which includes Duck Dodgers variants and a Black & White Deadpool.

Wave 1 included the Powerpuff girls and a glittered up Green Goblin. The other Waves include Dr. Strange and Slimer GhostBusters Ride! Cool…but not parts of my collection.

I realize now that this post was mostly about wrestling. Ah well. Here’s something I’m so glad I skipped.

That last one tho. bahaha.

The Women of Power box had potential … like DwenPool potential but then they went with the other trending sensation – Squirrel Girl. Wack. Most of those flls in the video were fake excited. They only cared because they just like any Pop. The last one … she knows shit about comics and just buys Pops even if she isnt a fan. I hate those buy everything Pop fans.

Even if this rounds box was wack the next one won’t be. SPIDER-MAN MAHFCKA!!!