We The North – Let’s Go Raptors! Bring On the Playoffs!


The bandwagon is fully rolling. The whole city is ready for playoff anything and the red-headed step child of the city, the Toronto Raptors are the next darling to bring us playoff experience and it’s against our new old rivals…The Nets, formerly of New Jersey, now hailing from Brooklyn.

Maple Leaf SquareJurassic Park is the place to be this Saturday afternoon in Toronto…

Even another franchise in the city is getting in on the hype.


Forget about the dumb nonsense of Drake vs Jay-Z it’s the Raptors vs the Dinosaurs!



#BeatBrooklyn is the theme of the week or rather as Raptors GM Masai Ujiri said F*#k Brookyln! (of course the NBA had to kill that noise)

No matter, the hashtags of the day are #NorthernUprising and #WeTheNorth…

Whatever the hashtag or campaign behind it, the main thing is that it’s playoff time and The Raptors are in it…

… and hopefully it ends up like this!