WTF.riday Sports Darwin Awards: 50 Cent & Lance Stephenson

For some insane reason the end of May has brought a lot of weirdness and foolishness into the sports world. The Jays dominating is enough to make me think I’m in bizzarro world but the antics of Indiana Pacers Lance Stephenson & un-athleticism of 50 Cent are the standout WHAT THE F.riday news makers this week.

There were definitely some runner-ups including KC Royals outfielder Norichika Aoki screwing himself into the field Looney Tunes style.


Johnny Damon revenge cutting off Manny Ramirez first pitch in the 10 year anniversary of the most evilest end to a Baseball season since the previous decade before it.


The Washington Redskins racist #pride.

Damien Sandow becoming “D-Sizzle”… I wanted it to be funny so much. I never get what I want.

Mildly speaking of WWE and wrestling CM PUNK IS OFFICIALLY RETIRED. So please stop asking the dub dub ee where is he. He Gone. Get over it.

Since I’m sidetracking for a second, the GENIUS AWARD of the week goes to The Rippers and their Full House themed hockey team with jersey to match.


Now it’s time for the big award—who wins this week’s Sports Darwin Award?

It’s not Curtis Jackson. However, Fiddy made a good run for it with this completely horrible first pitch at a Met’s game earlier this week.


[update]Now 50 is implying he did it on purpose?[/update]

That gif complete with the cool as a cucumber photographer and wussy videographer in the background was already enough to make it viral, but then he had to Vidagram a reply in such a 50 way that it was meant to be reposted everywhere.

I’m a hustler not a Damn ball player. LMAO

As funny as the gif/pitch is itself, the realization that the pitch was horrible which made him laugh at himself is what drew me to this “story”, but this aftermath pic is in the running for top 10 of the year.


At least it wasn’t the worst celeb first pitch as this trendy infographic totally factually deems.

So then that means the #1 spot belongs to … (insert segue) …

Lance Stephenson and his madness vs the Miami Heat.

Which includes his Heat huddle invasion/spying.

Which is awesome and would be a leading factor in any other week, but as an addition to the funniest/craziest thing I’ve ever seen done in any sports environment, plus the LeBron reaction makes it the weekly champion.

There are no words that can accurately describe everything that is happening…


… but of course there are a ton of meme’s to hilariously share to everyone.

I love this craziness, so although Lance you are dumb as f*ck for waking up LBJ, you had to do what you had to do. Take this week’s award and cherish it while golfing next week, while I hope there will be some one as entertaining as you for the rest of the season.

Concluding off-topic style …