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Mixtapes, Podcasts & Podclashes!!!

Back in the day I use to chop, cut and blend from turntable to turntable with a little mixer and EQ to set the stage and record it all on 90 minute (45 min on each side!) analog cassette tapes.

Digital or traditional vinyl I chops it up. I created the 90+ minute DOCU-MIXES (digital episodic stories), replete with samples from everywhere.

THEN I REALIZED I CAN TALK FOR DAYS - Check out the Podcasts!!!

Mixtapes & Docu-Mixes
on MixCloud

I mix anything Toronto urban - aka Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Soca, Chutney with my flare for rare, viral and classic samples thrown in at any moment.

The n8 Show
Podcast on CastBox


n8 has finally decided to actually speak his mind! I'm sorry. The show is about Hip Hop, Sports, Comedy and a bunch of other shit he comes up with.


Wrestling With Chaches
Podcast on CastBox


Mistah n8itude and Big Boyoh, 2 old chaches, have finally colloraborated on a take no prisoners Wrestling Entertainment Podcast.




Singles from the mixtapes or docu-mixes get "singled out" and show up on my SoundCloud 1nce in a while.



The 1st 10 Podclashes are archived on Podomatic as well as several classic Wrestling Docu-Mixes.

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Raw Podcasts on Mixlr

This is where I got my Podcast bug started. Raw discussions, no edits!




YES! I was a MySpace Rapper. Kinda. Here is my classic page that I updated a few years ago.

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Content for days.

You are not ready for the madness that is set for your fragile screens. From YouTube to IGTV to Vimeo - n8itude is creating and compiling a network of content from Family Friendly to PG 13 that is rivalling the "Top Creators" around the world.

I used to make my own n8TV and upload them on my old Nuke sites or use RealMedia compressed vids on my blogs. Then I learned to edit on my computers, now, my phone is video editing lab. I am on everything. Find me.

Pop Culture Mixtape




Digital Experiments


Short Films


History & Legacy of n8itude

Back in 2003, I had a successful blog among all the hundreds of other blogs that spawned innerwebs. I had begun to explore “Nuke” sites and community related sites and realized I had so much built up content in my head that it could not be contained simply in a personal blog.

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    Mar. 21 2003 was when was officially launched and born. But Technically that’s not true. according to my old blogspot (which was my first ever blogging tool); Mar. 15 was when the site actually got the domain, Mar. 21 is I assume when the site actually hit the tracking servers or it’s as far back as web archives first registered the domain. - Source: - 11th Anniversary

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    The n8itude Golden Era really was in version 2 when I started blogging in longer form and concentrated on my own stuff. By then everyone had their own blogs and essentially kept their good material for themselves. The design itself was based off the style of every pop culture site at the time. Big loud and 80s obnoxious. - Source: - 11th Anniversary

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    Before there were “blogs” I was making regularly scheduled content driven personal sites. Even before that, I had my AOL and universal Chat “handles”. I even created a persona for each of them. Eventually I won an Online Reality Show. This was at the height of the blog/cam/e-n scene. For more of these HTML driven static sites and experiments, stroll down digital memory lane at DA VAULT

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